Care And Case Management Services Directory

Coming Soon: A recommendation from the Care and Case Management Steering Group to support the implementation of care and case management and to build the possibility of a wider partnership approach. This will be an up-to-date directory, based on the NDRIC integrated model of rehabilitation provision, of services in the SICLDTF area. The book to be launched with the signing of a ‘working together agreement’ of participating services. The agreement will be printed in the book to offer the included services the opportunity to sign-up.

Areas included would be:

(1)     Drug Specific Interventions

(2)     General Health Services, Health Promotion, Disability etc.

(3)     Employment (including community employment), Work placements

(4)     Community Integration, Social & Recreational Activities

(5)     Housing & Tenancy Support & Independent Living

(6)     Education & Training, Personal Development

(7)     Justice, Law and Criminal Issues Support

(8)     Family Support & Childcare

(9)     Budgeting & Money Management

(10)   Transition Programmes (e.g. structured pre-induction)

(11)   Aftercare