Service User Participation Steering Group

Read about a task force steering group working on a common approach to service user participation in reviewing and planning drug and alcohol services the south inner city area.

Map of Plan for Roll-Out of Care and Case Management

View a graphic of the roll-out of Care and Case Management in the task force area, which was devised with management and staff of services which participated in training in 2011.

SICLDTF Care and Case Management Pilot June-November 2012

The task force six month pilot of care and case management will be reviewed at the end of November.

Care And Case Management Training

This training is commissioned to support the introduction of a care and case management system in the South Inner City.

Service User Participation And Feedback

Helping to ensure quality of service delivery through ensuring regular feedback from service users and their inclusion in the planning of services where appropriate.

Personal Skills Development Programme For Job Preparation

A course which covers all aspects of identifying job opportunities, application and interview, including basic good work practices.

Event Management Programme

Service users are supported in organising an information day at which projects assisted by the task force share information about project activity and programmes.

Accounting – Manual and Computerised (FETAC)

Certified training to enable the learner to understand the principles and practice of maintaining financial records manually and using integrated accounting software.

Care And Case Management Services Directory

An up-to-date directory, based on the NDRIC integrated model of rehabilitation provision, of services in the SICLDTF area.

Supervisory Management (FETAC)

Certified training to equip learners with the knowledge, practical skills and understanding required to operate effectively as a Supervisor or Line Manager.