Project Management Support

These guidelines are designed to be a practical resource for managers guiding projects funded through the task force. They are written to be simple and easily comprehensible to everyone and to help managers to follow good management practices without taking up too much of their time.


National Drugs Strategy 2009-16: Implementation of Actions, Progress Report End 2011 A review at the three year mark of the National Drugs Strategy. To download this document in PDF format please click here Report of the National Substance Misuse Strategy Steering Group February 2012 The focus of the Steering Group was on alcohol and it […]

Funding and Governance

Total task force funding to date (Jan 2013) To download this document in Word format please click here South Inner City Local Drug Task Force Operational Guidelines To download as a Word document please click here Local And Regional Drugs Task Forces Handbook This handbook sets out the role of the Drug Task Forces within […]

Research and Reports

A Better City For All Following the establishment in 2010 of the Dublin City Local Business Policing Forum, the issue of substance misuse related anti-social behaviour in Dublin city centre became a recurring item of discussion. A Strategic Response Group (SRG) was formed with the objective of developing ways to build sustainable street-level drug services […]