Education and Prevention

Key Performance Indicators for the National Drugs Strategy 2009-2016

  • Decrease in the number of opiate users in Dublin area and stabilisation of opiate users in rest of country by 2011
    Stabilisation in recent, and reduction in current prevalence of illicit drugs in 15 – 34 population (Drug Prevalence Survey 2010/2011)
  • Reduction in numbers engaged in poly-drug use (Drug Prevalence Survey 2010/2011)
  • Reduction of level of drug misuse reported by school students (regular survey results and ESPAD Survey 2011)
  • Delaying the age of first use of illicit drugs (ESPAD Survey 2011)
  • Delaying the age of first drink and reduction in binge drinking among young people (ESPAD, National Prevalence Survey, HBSC Surveys)
  • Reduction in the Early School Leaving figures from 11.5% (2007) to 10% by 2012, utilising the widely recognised definition of ‘early school leaver’ used by Eurostat i.e. The proportion of persons aged 18 to 24 years whose highest level of education attained is lower secondary or below, and who did not receive either formal or non – formal education in the previous four weeks.

The South Inner City Local Drugs Task Force invests in training programmes for project staff and management to ensure that all workers are equipped with the best information and skills to help them meet the changing needs of drug users.

The task force  works to protect the availibility of social employment schemes for individuals who are in recovery from addiction.

In its funding allocations the task force emphasises the importance of services that support and educate the families of those who are affected by drug misuse. It also addresses the need to ensure that children who might be at risk on the street are engaged in positive activities in safe environments and educated as to the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

The task force will continue to commission and support research into trends of drug usage in the area to ensure an appropriate, effective and evidence-based response to the main problems faced by the community.


Donore Community Drug Team

Exchange House

Fountain Resource Group

Marrowbone Lane Tenants Association

Mercy Family Centre

Michael Mallin Resident’s Association

St Andrews Resource Centre


Whitefriar Street Aikido Club

Whitefriar/Aungier Area Community Council