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Some myths dispelled…

“I can get all that I need online”
Though there are great online resources, they do not offer the benefits that you get from talking through a concern or question with an unbiased informed professional, who gives you the space and support to consider your unique situation.

“Professionals cannot use the Helpline…”
47% of those who contacted the Helpline in 2014, were concerned for someone other than themselves; of these 23% were professionals.

“The Helpline is only for those using heroin…”
In 2014, the Helpline’s 3 most referred to drugs were Cannabis, Alcohol and Tablets (Benzodiazepines, anti-depressants and other prescribed medicines), with alcohol contacts increasing, particularly in recent years. Some 8% of drug calls last year were about non-heroin, non-methadone opiates over- the-counter.

“We know about all of the services that are available…”
The Helpline maintains a database of over 400 relevant services nationwide, so that we can give those who contact us, up-to-date accurate information, when they need it.

If you have any questions about what the helpline does or want some A5 posters or wallet cards sent to you, please feel free to get touch.

Drugs & Alcohol, HIV & Sexual Health Helplines
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