Personal Skills Development Programme For Job Preparation

Programme Objectives

  1. Develop awareness of personal opportunities in the workplace.
  2. Develop ability to identify personal skills relative to the job market.
  3. Develop achievable goals and motivation for future career.
  4. Become capable of self-management processes associated with effective time management.
  5. Improve CV and interviewing skills to support job application
  6. Develop Personal effectiveness skills required in personal and professional life.


Group Involvement Exercise with Feedback and Analysis

–      Identifying the job market

–      Accessing the job market

–      Goal setting and motivation.

–      Develop personal action plan for specific job opportunities.


CV Building

–      Tailor CV for each application

–      To ensure it is error free.

–      To show history of personal achievement

–      Use of positive descriptions

–      How to highlight personal skills


To Identify How To Fill In Application Forms

–      Paper applications

–      On line applications.

–      Show samples of application forms.

–      Guidelines to filling out forms

–      How to avoid common mistakes.

–      Use of covering letter.


Preparation For Interview

–       Role of interviewer

–      Role of interviewee

–      Understanding of question techniques.

–      Personal appearance at interview.

–      Appropriate personal behaviour

–      How to handle nerves.

–      Organisation of real situation mock interviews.


Personal Effectiveness

–      Understanding importance of time management

–      Develop improved listening skills

–      Developing self-belief and confidence.

–      How to handle stress

–      How to be assertive and not aggressive.