Key Performance Indicators for the National Drugs Strategy 2009-2016

  • 100% of problem drugs users accessing treatment within one month of assessment by 2012
  • 100% of problem drugs users aged under-18 accessing treatment within one week of assessment by 2012
  • 25% increase in residential rehabilitation places by 2012 based on 2008 figures
  • 25% increase in Hepatitis C cases among drug users treated by 2012
  • Put a drugs interventions programme in place by 2012, incorporating a treatment referral option, for people who come to the attention of An Garda Síochána and the Probation Service due to behaviour caused by substance misuse.

The South Inner City Local Drugs Task Force acknowledges that rehabilitation cuts across all services and is developing a map of service provision to identify gaps.

The task force is supporting the implementation of a four tier model of comprehensive care to ensure effective and joined-up delivery of services. In its funding allocations the task force also emphasises the importance of service provision that is specific for client groups.

The need to respond quickly to emerging trends is emphasised by task force research dedicated to monitoring useage patterns and identifying trends.

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