Service User Participation Steering Group

The task force has established a SICLDTF steering group to work on agreeing a common approach to service user participation in reviewing and planning quality drug and alcohol service delivery the south inner city area.

Steering Group members include staff and service users from CAP, Casadh, Exchange House, RDRD, Ruhama, Tiglin, Coolmine TC, RADE, with the SICLDTF Coordinator Damian Murphy in attendance and faciliated by Malcolm MacClancy (Occam).

The group agreed that QUADS (Quality Standards in Alcohol and Drugs Services) covers key areas relevant to the work of the group and provides the best framework. All services aim to implement QUADS so the standards provide a unity of vision and the work of the group feeds into the existing plans of the services. QuADS is a quality standards framework that was developed by Drug Scope and Alcohol Concern in the UK in 1999 and has been selected as the guiding quality standard framework for HSE Addiction Services in Ireland.

SICLDTF Service User Participation Steering Group Statement of Purpose
“Supporting the implementation of QUADS for service user participation, allowing for greater participation by people experiencing addiction, in the planning, delivery and improvement of the services that they use.”

It was agreed that this statement sufficiently covers the flow of information in two directions; from the service user regarding their needs and experience and from the service in terms of options available to service users. And that it will allow the group to identify good practice and to develop a quality model of participation.

The group’s aim will be to agree (in line with QUADS standards);
1. Written procedures for consultation with service users
2. Information for service users on services and standards
3. Representation of service users in management structures
4. Charter of rights and responsibilities for service users
5. Closing meeting to complete process

Read notes from the steering group initiating workshop (pdf)

Read notes on the steering group’s agreed aims and work basis (pdf)

South Inner City Service User Forum
The task force plans to establish a service user forum, whose members will be nominated by local service user groups, with a supported representative of the forum attending task force meetings.

Following a meeting of the group with Kenneth HartnettĀ Chair of the successful Service Users Representative Fourm SURF (in the South West Regional Drugs Task Force area) it was agreed to take a first step towards the creation of a South Inner City Service User Forum through offering training, to empower interested service users and to ensure that a forum can operate effectively.

This training will ensure that participants are equipped with a basic understanding of topics such as communications, group dynamics, planning and effective meeting management.