Statement re Sláinte!

The South Inner City Local Drugs and Alcohol Task Force (SICLDATF) have been working to address the impact of alcohol in our communities for many years.

image001In the spirit of community mobilisation, the SICLDATF recently gathered a working group together to create positive actions on alcohol at a local level by engaging local businesses and alcohol retailers based in the South Inner City.

As part of the consultation process with all the stakeholders, businesses representing the alcohol industry participated in the working group.

The SICLDATF hold the position which reflects that of the Department of Health and the Health Service Executive that the alcohol industry have no place in shaping public policy in relation to alcohol.

In keeping with current HSE policy, the SICLDATF has determined that they will no longer be engaging with any member representing the alcohol industry.

The SICLDATF would like to be clear that it has not received or benefited financially in any way, at anytime, either directly or indirectly, from the alcohol industry.